Experience the benefits of infrared.

Pain relief

Aching muscles, chronic pain, and inflammation all can be relieved by deep penetrating Infrared rays.



Infrared saunas offer more than 5 times the detoxifying benefits of traditional saunas.


burn Calories

Relax and burn up to twice the amount of calories without lifting a finger!


Infrared saunas stimulate collagen and elastin production which can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and improve overall skin texture, smoothness and color.



Infrared light promotes cell generation and fosters healing by increasing circulation and blood flow bringing more oxygen and nutrients to speed recovery.



Infrared saunas envelope your body in a soothing warmth that allows you to loosen up (both in body and mind) and help the stress just melt away.


Individual Sauna

Single occuPant • 30 or 45 min. Sessions

45 minute session: $35

30 minute session: $25


Group Sauna

2-3 occuPants • 30 or 45 min sessions

45 minute session: $50

30 minute session: $40



Our saunas will help you experience the wondrous healing powers of color—
restoring imbalance by applying healing colors to the body.


Supports Balance, Harmony, Love, Communication, Social, Nature, and Acceptance.


Increases Calmness, Peace, Love, Honesty, Kindness, Truth, Inner Peace, Emotional Depth, and Devotion.


Stimulates Intuition, Imagination, Universal Flow, Meditation, and Artistic Qualities.



Increases Fun, Humor, Lightness, Persona Power, Intellect, Logic, and Creativity.


Stimulates Creativity, Productivity, Pleasure, Optimism, Enthusiasm, and Emotional Expression.


Increases Physical Energy, Vitality, Stamina, Grounding, Spontaneity, Stability, and Passion.